Conservation Reserve Program

Hoksey Native Seeds provides high quality CRP (Conservation Reserve Program) mixes which meet or exceed state regulatory requirements. Whether your project requires a CP-25 mix for Tall Grass Prairie or a CP-2 Filter Strip, Hoksey Native Seeds provides Iowa ecotype seed in a carefully prescribed mix of prairie grass seeds and wildflower seeds (forbs). Whether you are located in Iowa or a nearby state, we are prepared to partner with you on your CRP project. If one of our established mixes does not suit your CRP project specifications, please contact us and we will create a custom mix just for you.

Throughout theses mixes you will see the format ##/##. This is the ratio of the number of grass seeds to the number of wildflower seeds. For example, 30/10 is a mix with 30 grass seeds and 10 wildflower seeds per square foot. This is traditionally the normal ratio. Usually the total seeds per square foot adds to 40. A 20/20 mix provides additional flowers for a more colorful display, however it is more costly.

Recently there has been great interest in a “pollinator” mix for the sake of honey bees and butterflys. These mixes are usually a 10/30 with a much higher proportion of wildflowers.