Native Wildflowers

Beautify your landscape with the natural appeal of Iowa wildflowers. Attract butterflies, birds, and wildlife while protecting the soil from erosion with native prairie. Bring the color of the midwest prairie to your horizon with native iowa wildflowers.


Backyard Prairie

Bring your backyard into bloom with the appeal of native Iowa prairie. A beautiful interlacing of native grasses and wildflowers will attract butterflies, birds, and wildlife to your own backyard.


CRP Grass Mixes

Satisfy Iowa CRP guidelines with our Iowa ecotype mixes. Hoksey Native Seeds offers CP-25, CP-33, Wetland, and Filter Strip mixes which meet or exceed regulatory requirements. Choose from our wide selection of Iowa ecotype native prairie grass and wildflower mixes for your CRP project.


Native Prairie Seed Mixes

Call Hoksey for the best ecotype native grass seeds for your Conservation Program planting.

Backyard Prairie

Enjoy Iowa native prairie grasses and wildflowers in your very own backyard!

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Welcome to Hoksey Native Seeds, Iowa's Prairie Source

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We are committed to providing you with high quality native prairie grass and wildflower seeds to meet your Conservation Program, backyard, or custom prairie planting needs. Over eighteen years ago, after collecting foundation seeds from prairie remnants, we began to produce ecotype seeds.

Now we specialize in helping farmers and land owners preserve Iowa's beautiful, prairie heritage through seed production and prairie establishment. Poised in the heart of Iowa, we are ready to serve you.

A Prairie in Your Backyard

Beautify your backyard and eliminate the hassle of mowing by planting prairie. Prairie brings the natural appeal of prairie grass and wildflowers right to your backyard. Prairie also creates a wildlife refuge by attracting songbirds, butterflies, and wildlife. Allow us to use our special process to replace your high maintenance grass with Iowa's natural heritage -- prairie. Prairie establishment involves killing existing stands of grasses and weeds, light tilling of the soil, planting of the seeds, and mowing noxious weeds. From removal of the stubborn grass to the establishment of the new prairie, we will carefully monitor each phase in the reshaping of your backyard.

During the warm months you will enjoy the serenity and beauty the prairie affords. Over the winter months prairie provides a living snow fence which will eliminate some of your plowing and shoveling.

With over 16 years experience with prairie and a commitment to excellence in customer service, Hoksey Native Seeds is ready to help you create the backyard of your dreams.


Carroll and His Queen

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Carroll Hoksbergen, a native prairie enthusiast, has been in the native seed business for over 18 years. Through many years of careful cultivation of Iowa ecotype seed, Carroll has established a business well respected throughout the state for the provision of its high quality prairie grass and wildflower seeds.

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