With over 45 different native species, the Pollinator mix is our most diverse mix. It is crafted for the regeneration of the earth. By creating a habitat for nature’s natural pollinators, we can do our part to save the bees and butterflies, and in turn, save our food supply. The Pollinator mix grows into a breath-taking combination of 30% natives grasses and 70% native wildflowers. The Pollinator mix is designed for a wide range of soils, varying from dry to mesic.

Planting a prairie can not be done overnight, or even in one year. With proper planning, planting and care, your prairie will flourish within 3 to 4 years. Three years of mindful work can not only provide a balanced ecosystem and habitat for pollinators, but it will also create beauty for generations to come.

Plant a prairie. Create a habitat. Save the bees.