Our Grassland mix is crafted for that stunning rolling-sea-of-grass look. Perfect habitat for wildlife, the Grassland mix is designed for dry to mesic soil. Green in the spring and summer, and turning golden throughout the fall and winter, the Grassland mix is an efficient all-weather landscaping decision. Not only are Grasslands great as eco-friendly snow fences, but once they are well-established, there is no need to mow them.

Choose between three height options:

Tall Grasses (between 3 – 7 feet)

Short Grasses (between 2 – 4 feet)

Mixed Grasses (a mixture of tall and short grasses)

Planting a prairie can not be done overnight, or even in one year. With proper planning, planting and care, your prairie will flourish within 3 to 4 years. Three years of mindful work can not only provide a balanced ecosystem and habitat for pollinators, but it will also create beauty for generations to come.

Plant a prairie. Create a habitat. Save the bees.