CP33 Mixes

CP33 – Cornerstone 30/10

Attract Bob White Quail with this mix: it was designed to provide an ideal habitat for quail. Replete with short prairie grasses, an abundance of wildflowers, and two woody wildflower species, this mix offers an inviting home for the Bob White Quail. While the short prairie grasses provide a place for the Bob White Quail to hide, the diverse selection of wildflowers attracts insects which the quail feed on during the growing season. The wildflower seeds also provide healthy fare for the Bob White quail to feed on during the winter months. Finally, the woody wildflowers attract insects, providing both food and a place for the quail to hide and fluff their feathers in the dirt—a pastime they really enjoy!

Grasses Wildflowers
Sideoats Grama, 1.1 Western Yarrow, 0.03
Blue Grama, 0.4 Purple Prairie Clover, 0.2
Prairie Junegrass, 0.1 Canadian Milkvetch, 0.03
Little Bluestem, 1.25 Partridge Pea, 0.2
Rough Dropseed, 0.1 Prairie Mimosa, 0.3
Sand Dropseed, 0.05 Ox-eye, 0.03
Round-headed Bush Clover, 0.01
Wild Bergamot, 0.025
Prairie Cinquefoil, 0.02
Black-Eyed Susan, 0.05
Stiff Goldenrod, 0.02
Hoary Vervain, .01
Slender Mountain Mint, .0007
Gray-headed Coneflower, 0.04
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