CP23 Mixes

CP23 – Wetlands 30/10

Designed to restore your wetland area with both cool and warm season prairie grasses, this mix of six prairie grasses and ten wildflowers will bring lush beauty to your farm. Multi-purpose by design, the CP-23 Wetland Mix will help prevent erosion while creating a glorious habitat for wildlife. Multi-colored wildflowers will adorn your land while attracting both butterflies and birds.

Bebb’s Sedge, 0.16 Blue Vervain, 0.029
Big Bluestem, 2.18 Culver’s Root, 0.005
Crested Sedge, 0.09 Boneset, 0.003
Fowl Bluegrass, 0.17 Common Mountain Mint, 0.012
Fowl Mannagrass, 0.09 Giant St. Johnswort, 0.014
Green Bulrush, 0.03 Great Lobelia, 0.008
New England Aster, 0.008
Monkey Flower, 0.002
Seedbox, 0.002
Sneezeweed, 0.021
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